Boomerang Vodka
The latest vodka to hit the states? Boomerang Australian Vodka! It is the first 100 % grape-based Australian luxury Vodka. The vodka is distilled five times from Chardonnay grapes and priced just below $20 a bottle (750 ml), it’s a great value for an imported vodka. I loved the cool label on the bottle and decided to let the “vodka specialist” in my life to help me judge the taste. We found it excellent with a slight hint of lemon flavor on its own; we added a few squeezed pieces of limes and loved it even more. Also great when added to pineapple and cranberry, we found Boomerang the ideal vodka to serve on its own or combined with your favorite mixer. Ask for Boomerang at your favorite wine and spirits store.


Robert Mondavi’s Solaire, Cabernet Sauvignon
Solaire is a wine from the beautiful Paso Robles region in California. Paso Robles is the perfect climate for creating an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon. I sampled this wine at a wine tasting and was immediately drawn to its rich blackberry flavor and fresh dark fruit aroma. Priced around $13, it’s a wonderful wine for the money and even if it was a bit pricier, would still be worthwhile. Ask for Solaire at your favorite wine and spirits store, also available in Chardonnay.


Want to create a Sexy Drink?
Begin with using X-Rated® Fusion Liqueur™ which was recently awarded the pinnacle trade accolade - “Best New Spirit” in the U.S. for 2006 by Market Watch Leaders. This Liqueur is very popular with women, since its introduction it has quickly become the choice for social and celebratory occasions. It is a unique pink spirit that sensuously fuses ultra premium French vodka with the highest quality Provence blood oranges, mango and passion fruits and is the perfect spirit for Girl’s Night Out or Girl’s Night In.
X-Rated Flirtini
1 part X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
1 part X-Rated Vodka
Splash of Cointreau
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Serve in Martini Glass
Garnish with Lemon Twist


Perfect for Spring and Summer …Woodchuck Draft Cider
America’s #1 selling premium draft cider is a fun, refreshing way to welcome in the warm weather. My two favorites are the Granny Smith and Pear Woodchuck Draft Cider. Granny Smith is made from 100% Granny Smith apples, is tangy and tart with true apple flavor. It contains 5% alcohol and reminds me of  a light Chardonnay.  It is also great to cook with, use this draft cider in recipes from gravies to Apple-Cider Pork Chops!  The Pear flavor is a great sipping cider, perfect for a beautiful day outdoors with a picnic lunch. Offer the Pear, Granny Smith or Raspberry flavors at your next al fresco party, great conversation starters, your guests will be impressed that you are so "in" with the latest trends. Go to for delectable recipes.
Also available in Amber and Dark & Dry.


Reyka Vodka "The Lava" Vodka from Iceland
Reyka is a derivative of the Icelandic word for ''steam." This name comes from the fact that Reyka Vodka is created in small batches using Geothermic Steam to power the distillery. Pure spring water is taken from a 4,000 year old lava field; the water requires no special treatments when combined with the vodka which helps to give Reyka its unique taste.  Reyka is filtered through lava rock which gives it the " essence of  Iceland." It's Iceland's only vodka distillery that gives us the unique vodka, Reyka. How often do you taste vodka filtered through lava rock? A great conversation starter at any party, ask for Reyka Vodka at your favorite spirits store.

Tuaca Liqueur Sponsors The Body Art Ball
It was a night of painted bodies, big and small, men and women all painted to look as if they were wearing actual clothes and all leading to a fabulous display of rhythmic dance routines.  I had all access to interview these gorgeous ladies and gentleman (mostly ladies) covered in paint and body glitter and not much else, it was amazing and unbelievably original.  I interviewed many of the dancers for Baltimore Saturday Night, which will air in January. They spent from 6-8 hours being painted and decorated for their  performances which ranged from Cowgirl to a Marilyn Monroe/Marilyn Manson combo. This production was truly memorable, check out  for further information. Thanks to Brown-Forman, Reliable Churchill and Tuaca Liqueur for providing Baltimore this very lively night at Rams Head Downtown Baltimore.

Click here for pictures!

Isle of Jura
Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
I had the opportunity to meet Willie Tait, Master Distiller and Ambassador for Isle of Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  Dressed in his kilt, he welcomed guests at McCormick and Schmick's with a slide show on his beautiful Isle of Jura and info on the making and production of this fabulous Scotch Whisky. Isle of Jura, located off the west coast of Scotland, has pure, crystal waters and climate perfect for a truly unique malt. We had the opportunity to sample to 10 year old single malt, a 16 year old single malt and Superstition, a deep mahogany colored whisky with a honey and slightly spicy flavor.  The 10 year old, tended to be lighter and slight spicier than the 16 year old  which
had a golden color and a sweet honey finish. Isle of Jura is imported locally by Heaven Hill-Evan Williams Co. and distributed by Reliable Churchill. Available at your favorite liquor store.

Relax is a light, refreshing Riesling
When I saw the gorgeous blue bottle, I had to sample this new wine, simply called Relax. Imported by Schmitt Sohne, "Relax Riesling," was designed to be simple, uncomplicated, yet sleek and alluring. The tagline, "Chill and Unwind," convey what this wine is all about. It's a wine that goes well with anything, anytime with anybody. I agree. Relax has a wonderful fruity bouquet, with the flavors of apples, peaches and a hint of citrus. Serve chilled and enjoy.

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